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When sunlight glows in Auckland, it could be intolerable. This is the reason an increasing number of homeowners are opting for outdoor sails to generate spaces within their yards they may utilize through the entire day with no threat of becoming overly sunburned.

Create the Perfect Patio

Outdoor sails are constructions set according to your specs, the sail might be in comparison with the sail of a boat. These sails stay in location, providing safety and shade through the year.

These sails are extremely popular over veranda decks, empowering the householder to take advantage of the outside space in the glaring sun or pouring rain. It's wonderful to sit-out in the clean atmosphere, on a bright summer's day whenever you have friends over for the afternoon.

Sadly the sunshine baking down on you'll be able to get too much and also the parasol you bought simply offers enough protection for a couple of seats. The sails can shield a sizable area, the complete deck if you would like, in order to create the ideal space which is often utilized in just about any weather.

Enjoy Shade in the Pool

Another popular usage of outdoor sails is finished the pool. What a lot of individuals don't realise is they can sunburn worse in the water than standing in sunlight, particularly when you own a salt-water pool, that is the most typical selection in Nz.

They might be made-to-order depending on the measurement of your pool, since the sails are customized by Nova Shades. You can select to cover the complete pool or a section of the pool, allowing you to really take pleasure in the cool water plus some shade on a sunny and warm day.

Colour Choices

Outdoor sails are accessible in a selection of colour choices, in order to select the colour you favor from great creams to blues and greens to reds. The revenue are tasteful in layout and be an attractor in your backyard or outside place.

Conditioned upon the substance you select you'll have the sails for sunlight protection with ULTRAVIOLET protection or you can select the all weather stuff, which likewise safeguards your garden furniture in the

Nova Shades

Nova Shades is an awning and protection manufacturing company located in Auckland. This family-owned and managed corporation fix, preserve and install awnings and outdoor sails throughout Auckland along with the Northland areas.

Nova Shades is a top pick for awnings in your community with householders and companies whether they're trying to find shadiness due to their veranda or they're seeking to guard their outside seating location of their company.

Because their products are made by Nova Shades to buy, you can choose all on your own fabric, colour scheme and positioning of your sails. The team will talk about your necessary, make propositions, produce your sails, install them-and be sure they can be in place and you're happy together. In the case you need fixing or upkeep to your own sails, the staff are on hand to assist.

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Shade sails in Auckland have increased in popularity in recent years. These structures are not only being used by the hospitality industry and learning centres, but they are also being used in schools and residential properties as a way to offer necessary shade on hot summer’s days.

Everyone knows the dangers of the sun and UV exposure, with skin cancer rates increasing at a dramatic rate. This has led to an increase in demand for quality shade sails in Auckland that can offer protection from the sun, but also withstand the unpredictable weather that is often experienced in the area.


The first step to sourcing these structures is to look online. Ensure any companies you’re researching are in the local area and can install at your property. If you’re in Auckland or the Northland Regions, then Nova Shades is one of the top choices.

Most people use the internet for their search, because it’s convenient and can save time and energy. Once you find a suitable company, research them, read what they offer and then go through the customer reviews to ensure they are reputable and reliable before calling them in to do a quotation.


Shade sails in Auckland are fixed structures that takes a professional team to install. This is why it’s essential the company you choose are reputable and have the experience to complete the job to the highest standard.

A company that already has years of experience installing these structures in schools, learning centres and the hospitality industry is a good choice, as they have been working in the business sector and understand the importance of delivery deadlines and high standards.


Of course one of the main considerations when sourcing Auckland shade sails is the material used in the structures. You want a durable material that is made to last and can withstand the unpredictable weather that is often experienced in the area. Ideally the material should be UV resistant and if necessary, you should have the option of a waterproof material, enabling you to use your outdoor spaces all year round.

Nova Shades

Nova Shades is a family owned business based in Auckland that provide shade sails in Auckland to companies, homes, schools and more throughout Auckland and the Northland Regions.

Nova Shades comprises of an experienced team that offer a professional installation whether you’re a business or residential property. Every step of the process is professional with high levels of customer services from the onsite consultation to the after sales service. Nova Shades also offers repairs and replacement shades if that is what you are looking for.

The material used by this company is a knitted polythene with ninety nine percent UV block and for added convenience they have a range of waterproof options available. The sails are available in a host of colours enabling you to choose the colour you feel will enhance the space without compromising the look of your property.

Nova Shades (novashades.co.nz) have proven themselves in the area and are a name you can trust when it comes to shade sails and more.

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